Trident Experience

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The Trident Experience gives children the opportunity to learn about the world’s fastest growing brand management company who use the latest digital and graphics technology to design packaging.


  • To provide children with a workplace experience to raise aspirations
  • To understand the role of STEM skills and technology in packaging design
  • To highlight that there are lots of opportunities to work for companies like Trident without a university education
  • To encourage teamwork and communication
  • To expose children to the latest technology available for showcasing packaging
  • To gain an understanding of how packaging design can affect how successful a product is

The Visit

  • Meet Trident staff and learn about Trident as a company
  • Design and create a carton using a blank template and labels of various elements to add that personal touch
  • Experience Virtual Reality and develop an understanding of ‘Brand Visibility and Integrity’
  • Learn about packaging position within shopping environments
  • Observe how Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) is used in the industry
  • See how Augmented Reality is used is product design
  • Meet and chat with Trident staff about their roles over juice and cake
  • Take part in an interactive quiz about what they have seen and heard during the day

Aunt Bessie’s Experience

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The Aunt Bessie’s Experience gives children the opportunity to see inside one of Hull’s famous manufacturers to learn about food development and production.


  • To help children understand the wider world that exists outside of their community
  • To raise aspirations for future careers
  • To learn how a manufacturing facility works
  • To begin to understand the different jobs available and skills/qualifications needed
  • To discover the role of IT and STEM subjects in manufacturing
  • To discuss and understand the importance of health and safety in the workplace


  • Introduction and health and safety briefing
  • Overview of the departments within Aunt Bessie’s
  • Tour of the Yorkshire Pudding factory to see how they are made
  • Take part in a packing activity (if possible on the day)
  • Design your own lunch in the ‘New Product Development Kitchen’
  • Wind Turbine Experience
  • Engineering talk and closing

Hull University Experience

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Visit Hull’s own university campus to learn about the departments and what life is like as a student.


  • To help children understand the wider world that exists outside of their community
  • To raise aspirations for future learning and careers
  • To learn how a university works
  • To understand what life is like for students


  • Welcome from staff and students
  • Groups activities related to the hosting university department
  • Tour of the campus
  • Campus quiz
  • Lunch
  • Second group activity
  • Closing and certificates

Smith and Nephew Experience

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A visit to the company’s Wound Management Centre in Hull really is an experience not to be missed! The module provides an opportunity for pupils to see how one of the top companies in the world, regarding wound care, actually operates.


  • To raise children’s aspirations and interest in STEM careers
  • To develop knowledge of the role of technology in manufacturing
  • To raise awareness of local career opportunities
  • To learn about the job roles at Smith & Nephew


  • Meet Smith & Nephew staff and learn about their jobs
  • See inside the manufacturing unit with a VIP tour (behind glass)
  • Take part in a ‘hands-on’ session to assess the effectiveness of different wound dressings

Edinburgh Experience

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  • To help children understand the wider world that exists outside of their community
  • To experience different modes of transport
  • To help children gain an understanding of distance, travel and transport
  • To familiarise children with Scotland as part of the UK
  • To familiarise children with Edinburgh so that they are able to relate to it in the national news and as the capital city of Scotland
  • To compare and contrast life in Edinburgh and Hull by observing life in both cities
  • To experience how a museum can bring a subject to life

Pre-visit to school

  • Explanation about the visit and itinerary for the two days
  • Discussion about safety, rules and behaviour to ensure the day is safe and enjoyable for everyone
  • Informs children what to look out for during the visit and answer any questions[/list-itemSee the source image]

The Experience

  • A visit to Dynamic Earth
  • Experience views of Edinburgh at Camera Obscura
  • Enjoy an evening meal at Pizza Hut
  • Set up camp for the night in St Columba’s refurbished church hall with views of Edinburgh
  • Enjoy a walking tour of the sights of Edinburgh
  • Step back in time with a visit to Edinburgh Castle

Post-visit to schoolSee the source image

  • View photographs from the experience
  • Discuss memories and reflect upon what the children have learned
  • Link knowledge with future life choices and aspirations


Success for HEY CU at the PIB Awards

Friday 12th July saw the very first People in Business (PIB) Awards, held at the Doubletree By Hilton.

The event, founded by Jo Fleming, welcomed 400 guests from a variety of sectors including the Police and Humberside Fire and Rescue.

The awards were created to recognise the people behind successful businesses and organisations and with over 100 nominations, the judges had a tough task deciding the winners.

Of the 12 categories, HEY Children’s University was shortlisted for 2 – the Manager award and the Team Impact award.

The competition was very strong with so many amazing people nominated but the night turned out to be very successful for HEY CU. Natasha Barley, Director, was named the winner of the Manager award and the charity was named the runner up for the Team Impact award.

Rose James, Partnership Manager of HEY CU said “We are so delighted to have been named the runner up in the Team Impact award and we are even more thrilled that Natasha won the Manager award. She is a fantastic leader for the charity and the award is thoroughly deserved.”

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