Healthy Lifestyles


  • To help children understand the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle
  • To understand the relationship between exercise and a healthy mind and body
  • To help children recognise the importance of a healthy diet and how to make the right food choices
  • To show children how they can integrate physical activity into their daily lifestyle
  • To be aware of the benefits of a healthy body and mind
  • To appreciate how physical activities and exercise can raise mood, performance and achievement
  • To encourage children to want to exercise because it’s fun and makes them feel better
  • To establish habits of exercise in childhood that can last a lifetime
  • To learn about jobs in the fitness industry


The Programme

A one hour session each week, for four consecutive weeks. The sessions cover the following:

Week 1

An introduction to the programme which includes discussions about what health (physical and mental), fitness, exercise and diet actually means, question and answer sessions to measure the children’s current levels of knowledge and a discussion about what can take away from our health.

Week 2

Children learn about the body and how it works, including the skeletal, circulatory and digestive systems, the function and position of the vital organs and how to keep the body fit and strong.

Week 3

Children will take part in a physical to learn about the benefits of exercise for the body. They will learn how to take their pulse before and after the session to observe the effect of exercising on their heart rate.

Week 4

In the final session, children will learn about diet and nutrition including the five food groups and their function for the body. They will discover how the food they eat effects energy levels both now and in their long term future health.