At HEY Children’s University, we call our volunteers “Mentors”. It is because of our Mentors that we are able to deliver our programme to so many children.
Mentors attend our learning experiences and support the children in their learning and discovery by acting as positive role models, helping to build the children’s confidence. Every Experience is led by one of our HEY Children’s University Tutors and the Mentors support individual groups.

So what does a mentor do?

Mentors supervise a small group of three or four children on a chosen Learning Experience. Mentors encourage talk within their group, asking questions and get the children to think about what they are experiencing. The Tutor leads the visit, the Mentors support and the pupils learn, but most important of all, everybody enjoys it.

What do I get from mentoring?

  • Improved communication and social skills
  • Fun and “feel good” factor
  • Personal and professional development
  • Being able to understand and relate to young people
  • New and exciting experiences

“I have gained a great insight into the way in which schools work and the effect teaching staff have on children. I have also learned a great deal myself from the various experiences I have supported. My favourite is London with Parliament.  I have done this several times, but learn something new every time.  I would definitely recommend being a Mentor, and have done many times.” Kate Childs, HEY Children’s University Volunteer Mentor

How do I become a mentor?

  • Download the mentor registration form here or pick one up from the office
  • Have a DBS check (please speak to a member of the team)
  • Attend a Mentor training session
  • Look out for emails alerts in order to sign up to modules

Read some of our volunteer case studies here

Fancy becoming one of our fantastic mentors? What are you waiting for? Download the Mentor Registration Form Here or give us a call or contact Chris at c.lockton@hull.ac.uk.