What We Do

Don’t ALL children deserve the best chance in life? We strongly believe that ALL children should get to see beyond the end of their street and experience the world around them. 
We help children believe that they can achieve their dreams and we give them the confidence to try. We believe that every child is intelligent in different ways; they just need the opportunity to discover their hidden talents and ignite their aspirations for the future.

We provide learning experiences for children who would otherwise never get a chance to take part in them. Being an inclusive organisation, we take full classes of children on our experiences.

Whether it is a trip to London to have a sleepover under the dinosaurs in the Natural History Museum or if it is visiting a local business to learn about that industry, all of our children leave these experiences happy, excited and with new aspirations that they will hopefully carry with them into adulthood. We aim to put the fire into their bellies that will help them to succeed!

Listen to a special HEY Children’s University programme on BBC R4 by local BBC correspondent James Pikos