Trident Experience

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The Trident Experience gives children the opportunity to learn about the world’s fastest growing brand management company who use the latest digital and graphics technology to design packaging.


  • To provide children with a workplace experience to raise aspirations
  • To understand the role of STEM skills and technology in packaging design
  • To highlight that there are lots of opportunities to work for companies like Trident without a university education
  • To encourage teamwork and communication
  • To expose children to the latest technology available for showcasing packaging
  • To gain an understanding of how packaging design can affect how successful a product is

The Visit

  • Meet Trident staff and learn about Trident as a company
  • Design and create a carton using a blank template and labels of various elements to add that personal touch
  • Experience Virtual Reality and develop an understanding of ‘Brand Visibility and Integrity’
  • Learn about packaging position within shopping environments
  • Observe how Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) is used in the industry
  • See how Augmented Reality is used is product design
  • Meet and chat with Trident staff about their roles over juice and cake
  • Take part in an interactive quiz about what they have seen and heard during the day