The Hull 2017 School Reporters take over the BBC!

Hull Children’s University has teamed up with the Hull 2017 team and The BBC to offer the opportunity for talented young people to become the Hull 2017 official BBC School Reporters. A school is selected for each season and the school nominates 1o of it’s pupils to take part.

Pupils from Stepney Primary School were chosen to cover Season 1, “Made in Hull” and started their work (literally) with a bang as they covered the Hull 2017 opening fireworks display.

Next, they had the honour of being the first people to walk into the newly refurbished Ferens Art Gallery when it reopened and even interviewed the Lord Mayor!

The School Reporters have also covered the launch of the Lines of Thought exhibition at the University of Hull and the arrival of The Blade in Queen Victoria Square.

A special thanks goes to Kofi Smiles and Kate Childs from the BBC who have worked closely with our School Reporters every step of the way.

Over the past 3 months the School Reporters have shown a huge progress, including increased confidence, speaking and listening skills and teamwork.

To round off their Season, the children were given the opportunity to put together their very own BBC Look North programme to put together everything that they have learnt during their time as School Reporters. Each of the children took on a different role including news anchors, reporters, sound and lighting, camerawork and weather reporting. I’m sure you will agree that they did an amazing job! Check out their Look North Programme Below!