Sidmouth Primary Graduate from the University of Hull

For many people, the first time they experience University life is when they are in early adulthood. But for a group of lucky youngsters from Sidmouth Primary School, they got to experience what it is like to go to University at the age of 9 and 10!

The University of Hull Business School and local charity Hull and East Yorkshire Children’s University (HEY) worked in partnership to provide a “day in the life” experience at the University of Hull. Marketing graduates were given the task to design an experience that would show the children what life is like as a student at the University of Hull, as well as designing a task for the children that would allow them to become “marketing students” for the day.

The children were welcomed to the Business School and were introduced to the students, hearing about their interests and studies at University. The children then went on an exciting tour of the campus, visiting places of interest such as the new Allam Medical Building, the Student Union and the famous 7th floor of the Brynmor Jones Library where they delighted at the panoramic views of Hull. They even spotted their school whilst they were up there!

Then it was time for the children to get creative with their marketing task – to design a new reusable coffee cup for students at the University. The designs included a cup that showed the flags of all of the different nationalities at the University; a cup that had a different symbol for every degree that you could study at the University; and a cup that had a secret code to crack for a free coffee.

Dylon Bennett, MA Marketing Student was impressed with the children’s work; “The creative designs by the children were bright and colourful, illustrating the day’s events, the history of the university and marketing ideas that we thought were outstanding.”

The students had the very difficult task of picking a winning design which would be printed onto a real coffee cup for the child to keep. They decided on the “secret code” cup by Aleksandra as they were very impressed that she had really thought carefully about the marketing of the cup.

With the marketing task a great success, there was only one thing left to do – graduate! The children had the honour of a visit from the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Hull, Professor Susan Lea, who wore her traditional graduation robes for the occasion. Each child, wearing their graduation cap and gowns, was presented with a graduation certificate and shook the hand of the Vice-Chancellor.

Professor Lea said “We were delighted to welcome the children from Sidmouth Primary school to The University of Hull for the day. We know how important it is to nurture the aspirations of our young people and it is wonderful that the children feel inspired to go to University as a result of their visit.”

The children ended their day with the obligatory “cap throw” outside of the Business School and were given a farewell speech by Dr Haseeb Shabbir, Subject Group Head for Marketing and Business at The University of Hull. He said “It was an absolutely delightful day for both the children and our students. We are already looking forward to working with HEY Children’s University to plan another opportunity like this for local children”

Rose James, Partnership Manager at HEY Children’s University said “We would like to thank The University of Hull for providing this fantastic experience. We now have 22 children desperate to go to University and I know some of them didn’t think it was possible for them before today”