Our CIC Patron: Michelle Dewberry

We are excited to announce that the CIC Programme has recruited Michelle Dewberry as our Patron.

Michelle visited the CIC Programme in the Easter holiday and joined us for our Ambassadors of Hull learning experience. The children who we work with as part of the CIC programme, have not had the easiest of starts in life and their stories are ones Michelle, who suffered domestic violence growing up, can identify with. Michelle was therefore really keen to get involved and support us with raising the aspirations of some of Hull’s most vulnerable children.

“I really wanted to do this because I understand what these kids have gone through and what challenges they have had to face. I can relate to their stories. I feel very, very strongly about trying to help people, particularly young people who are struggling through adversity.” Michelle says.

Keep an eye out for news relating to Michelle’s involvement in her role as Patron.