Major Donors

HEY Children’s University relies on donations from our supporters in order to continue to carry out our work. All donations make a difference, but a major gift means that you will be a huge part of keeping our charity sustainable.
By becoming a major donor you will allow us to continue to help the thousands of children who are in need in our city but also allow us to expand into other areas to reach even more children.

5 Ways in which your major donation will help:

  • We are currently working with 5510 out of 7034 children in Hull who are currently living in poverty. Your donation will mean that we can move one step closer to reaching all of these children. It can cost as little as £5 a child to take part in one of our experiences.
  • Expanding further into the East Riding, allowing the programme to reach even more children in areas of deprivation.
  • Expand Children in Care Programme so that we can reach all 650 children living in care.
  • Increase the size of our team so that children have the opportunity to take part in more than one experience a year. We currently do not have a large enough team to be able to deliver any more experiences than what we are already delivering.
  • Allow us to track and record the impact that our programme has on our beneficiaries. Particularly long-term impact.

If you are interested in becoming a Major Donor please contact Rose on 01482 466045 or

Find out how your business can become a partner of Hull Children’s University here.