London Experience


  • To help children understand the wider world that exists outside of their community
  • To experience different modes of transport
  • To develop children’s sense of identity and opinions through discussion and debate
  • To encourage children to develop their own beliefs and values
  • To help children gain an understanding of distance, travel and transport
  • To familiarise children with London so that they are able to relate to it in the national news and as our capital city
  • To introduce children to politics and encourage them to think about the skills and talents required in this area
  • To understand and be able to explain the differences between government, Parliament and democracy
  • To encourage children to be able to debate about a subject and form opinions that they can explain and defend

Pre-visit to school

  • the aims and objectives of the visit and go through the itinerary of the day
  • Show pictures of key London landmarks and identify them
  • Talk about safety, rules and behaviours to ensure the day is safe and enjoyable
  • Tell the children what to look out for during the visit and answer any questions

The Visit

  • A tour of London on foot and using the underground which can include Downing Street, the Horse Guards, St James Park, Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square depending on the school’s preference.
  • All groups have the opportunity to either ride the London Eye or board a river cruise along the Thames.
  • If Parliament is booked: Full guided tour of the Houses of Parliament followed by a workshop led by Parliament staff.

Post-visit to school

Discussing memories of the visit, viewing photographs of the day and reflecting upon what children have learned and how that knowledge can impact on their life and future choices.