Learning Passports

The Passport To Learning

We run a ‘Passport to Learning’ programme, which enables children at schools and clubs to gain learning stamps/signatures for the wide variety of enrichment activities children take part in during lunchtime clubs, after-school clubs and learning venues outside of school i.e. museums.  They can also gain credit for extra-curricular activities including Brownies, Scouts, Uniformed Service Cadets, sporting activities, swimming and training they take part in outside of school hours.

Learning Passports are usually issued at the beginning of the academic year so the children have plenty of time to gain their learning hours and record them in their passports.

At the end of the summer term these hours are added up by the school or club and each child will graduate with either a Bronze, Silver or Gold certificate reflecting their hours of learning. These certificates are presented in a special graduation event held at your school or club by the Children’s University team.  Parents/carers are welcome to attend the event to watch their children in their graduation cap and gown.  The certificates can then go onto form part of their National Records of Achievement when leaving school, highlighting commitment to learning.

The only cost to your school/club would be £5 for each ‘Passport for Learning’ which lasts the whole academic year.

If you are interested in purchasing some passports for your children please give us a call on 01482 466045.