Learning Experiences

Learning Experiences

Experiences are delivered during half term periods, including some weekends and evenings, to a maximum of 10 children at a time. This ensures we are able to support and nurture each individual child throughout their time with the Children in Care Programme. With a special focus on the social and emotional development, we provide children with the extra support needed to flourish in each environment. Working closely alongside professionals, we provide the stepping-stones to raise children’s confidence levels, motivation, teamwork and the ability to try new things. Our experiences are delivered by our skilled tutors and are supported by a bank of volunteers from various backgrounds.*

*Terms and conditions apply


Far Ings Nature Reserve

A fantastic day full of pond dipping, mini-beast Safari and a scavenger hunt. Children will create their very own creature using clay and watch over the wildlife with binoculars.  A must-experience for those young people with a love of nature.

Bempton Cliffs

A trip to Flamborough to discover the Yorkshire coast and its hidden treasures. During this experience children can get hands-on and learn about wildlife and maybe spot puffins!


A hands-on learning experience at the farm. Children will feed the chickens and maybe even hold a lamb! They will plant seeds, collect eggs and sit on a tractor. This experience is to educate children on the farming industry. A must for animal lovers.

Forest School

Children get to spend the day in the forest finding out all about the plants and the animals that live there. Children work as a team to build shelters and dens, make bow and arrows, and play a range of fun games.

A must for explorers!

Welton Waters

A fun day on and in the water doing a range of activities such as rafting, team building, archery, and sailing. There are lots of opportunities for team building, communication skills and to build resilience.


Visit London and see all the famous sites. Children will have the opportunity to ride the river cruise around the Thames or ride on the London Eye. They will walk to visit Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament, Downing Street and much more.

Cook Stars

This session gives children the opportunity  to build on their cookery skills. Children are taught everything from creating a wholesome meal to creating mouth watering treats, there’s something for everyone. The session provides children with the basic skills needed to cook meals.

Amazon Distribution Centre

This experience offers a guided tour of the Amazon distribution centre. Children will receive a fun presentation about the different areas and services that Amazon offers. The day is then followed by fun hands-on activities related to the picking, packing and delivery of goods.

Behind the scenes at the BBC

A visit to the BBC studios in Hull to learn about employment opportunities in TV and radio, including case studies of different careers of individual staff within the studio.

The children will meet the BBC TV and radio staff, including famous faces they have seen on the TV and heard on the radio.  They will work with a professional TV or radio presenter, in groups, recording a news piece for TV and radio with music, voice over, film clips, sound effects and interviews

Other Experiences

Have Included:

  1. Sleepover at the Natural History Museum, London
  2. Theatre visits
  3. Humber Fire and Rescue Experience