We get asked a lot of questions from businesses, teachers, parents and even children about what we do! Hopefully the below will help answer yours! If not, just give us a call and ask!

General Questions

Last year we worked with over 5,500 children and this number is set to increase.

Children’s University is a national organisation that delivers the Passport to Learning Programme. We also run the Passport programme but our central Learning Experience Programme differs quite significantly to other Children’s Universities.

We are based on campus and we run a Free Elective at the University, but we are a totally separate organisation. Along with providing us with our offices, the University is also a Gold Partner of the charity.

Hull Children’s University specifically target schools situated in areas of disadvantage. We select these schools using the IDACI Index which looks at the postcodes which are recorded as socio-economically disadvantaged.

General Questions

We are a charity that raises the aspirations of children living in areas of disadvantage by providing unique learning experiences that are linked to the National Curriculum.


We receive no government funding towards our main programme but we do receive some Council funding towards our Children In Care Programme.

As we are a charity, we specifically target schools which are situated in areas that fit our charitable criteria, so sadly we are unable to take every child in Hull on our experiences. However, we do have a Passport to Learning Programme that is open to all children. You can find out more about the Passport to Learning Programme here.