ERYC Comms Experience

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East Riding of Yorkshire Council and the Hull and East Yorkshire Children’s University are teaming up to offer pupils in the East Riding an insight into the world of communications and the media.

Pupils will learn about the skills involved in careers such as journalism, public relations and marketing and get the chance to put those new-found skills to the test with an exciting challenge at Brid Spa.



  • To discover what is involved in being press and marketing officers with East Riding of Yorkshire Council including the tasks they undertake and the purpose of their roles
  • To learn how to conduct interviews in order to get interesting information
  • To learn how to turn interviews into articles and social media content
  • To understand what makes a good photograph and how to take them
  • To learn how to record film footage and edit it to produce video content for social media audiences
  • To learn how to use social media effectively for publicity and marketing purposes
  • To gain an insight into how live radio is produced with BBC Radio Humberside

The Visit

Welcome and introductions form members of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Marketing and Communications team.

Learn about a variety of roles with some hands-on workshops and activities including:

Social Media Editors – decide which content to feature on the Twitter feeds to best promote venues and activities.

Reporters/Press Officers – create questions to interview key members of staff and produce interesting posts for social media.

Photographers and video producers/Vloggers – taking eye-catching pictures, filming interviewees and using video editing software to finalise their footage. The challenge will be to use photos and video to tell the story of the venue, event or show depending on the location.

Feedback and evaluation of the day.