Digital Apprentice

This fun packed classroom day for pupils utilises the power of technology as they embark on developing an exciting new business idea.

During the project the pupils will:

  • Design and brand a pair of trainers with eye-catching logos
  • Create digital posters
  • Produce and edit professional looking marketing videos
  • Bring a new trainer design ‘to life’ using augmented reality
  • Delve into the finances of the business by investingating marketing and sales costs to produce profit/loss accounts
  • Package all the multimedia content into their own unique app which can be shared with the world!
  • Pitch their business to an audience ‘Dragons Den’ style


The session is underpinned by 21st Century Skills (Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking) and the pupils will also use the following skills:

  • Business and Enterprise
  • Digital Literacy
  • Multimedia
  • Programming
  • Mathematics
  • Handling data[

ipads and apps will be provided for the children to use throughout the day.