Children in Care (CIC) Programme


There are currently around 700 children living in care in our city.
Our Children in Care (CIC) Programme supports children living in care typically between the ages of 5-16.

The CIC programme provides bespoke learning experiences outside of school hours for children in care. We aim to widen children’s horizons and raise their aspirations by providing these children with experiences. With a special focus on the social and emotional development of children, we aim to give them that extra support needed to flourish in their environment.


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Info for Carers & Professionals

As we take small groups of children on our experiences, it enables us to tailor them to be more personalised towards the interests of the children. We are also the proud organisers of the Children in Care Celebration Event for the Hull City Council. For any more information regarding the work we do with children in care, please contact Katie Cussons or Amy Mercer on 01482 466045.