Creative Storytelling

This fun packed creative storytelling day for Key Stage 2 introduces pupils to the creative world of animations. During the day the pupils will be planning an animation with digital storyboards, capturing scenes by creating short videos and editing their final movie, adding graphics, sound effects and music to produce something they will be proud of.

Key elements of the day:

  • Plan a creative story by capturing images. The story will include an introduction, problem, dilemma, resolution and ending.
  • Animate characters and props scene-by-scene using stop motion technology.
  • Edit a final movie with sound effects, backing track and graphics to bring their animation to life.
  • The finished animations could be a great stimulus for creative writing projects.
  • Create professional looking posters to promote the animation.

All the completed animations and posters will be hosted in an app which can be shared with parents and the world!

The session is underpinned by 21st Century Skills (Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking) and the pupils will also use the following skills:

  • Literacy
  • Digital Litearcy
  • Multimedia
  • Spoken Language

iPads and apps will be provided for the pupils to use throughout the day


C4DI Experience

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This is a valuable experience for two children from each school who have an interest in tech/coding/3D printing and computers. It doesn’t matter if they are girls or boys or what their academic ability is just as long as they have an interest in computers and tech. What we are not looking for is children who just enjoying playing video games! This is a really amazing opportunity to show children that there are jobs in tech in Hull and that if they are creative and interested in computers there are careers that they can think about in the future.

The Aim

  • To develop knowledge of the role of creativity and technology in future careers
  • To learn about the job roles at C4Di
  • To raise children’s aspirations and interest in STEM careers
  • To learn about creative technology


  • Introductory game and meet C4Di staff
  • Tour of the building
  • Learn about digital data emotions
  • Experience kids code club
  • Learn about 3d printers and Pixelbot robots
  • Meet Labelworx and use the DJ sets
  • Experience the view from the balcony and take part in a problem solving/creativity task to try to win a prize!
  • Closing and certificates

Digital Art

This award-winning Digital IT Art experience can be enjoyed by pupils in Key Stage 2 by exploring Hull’s intriguing past in a completely unique way. Using the latest mobile technology the pupils will be unleashing their creativity to produce stunning visual effects and videos they can be proud of.

Following an exploration of one of the city centre museums, capturing interesting photographs, the children return to the Learning Zone to express their artistic talents using and combining a number of creative apps to add dramatic effects. The final project includes:

  • Transforming their photos by adding amazing effect and interactive adjustable filters such as mosaics, puzzles, motion blur, tile, x-ray, collage and light tunnels.
  • Adding effects to give their phots a vintage or retro feel.
  • Creating 3-D video effects such as wormhole tunnels or spinning globes
  • Turning words and photos into amazing typographic works of art.
  • Combining their digital photos and videos to create collages.
  • Graphic designing to create a persuasive advert to encourage visitors to visit the museum.
  • Creating a professional looking Hollywood style ‘Horror’ movie to celebrate Hull’s heritage.

The day concludes with an exciting showcase of the children’s finished movies and digital artwork on the big screen. All digital content is saved in a digital book and sent to the school so that the children can enjoy and celebrate their work back at school and home.

The session is underpinned by 21st Century Skills (Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking) and the pupils will also use the following skills:

  • Literacy
  • Digital Literacy
  • Multimedia
  • Spoken Language
  • History (Hull’s past)
  • Digital Art

iPads and apps will be provided for the pupils to use throughout the day


The Aim

  • To enable children from our inner city schools to visit and appreciate the countryside
  • To consider the differences between living in the city and the country
  • To explore the English countryside and life outdoors by walking, observing, identifying and drawing
  • To use the work of David Hockney as a stimulus for art work, depicting a scene from a panoramic viewpoint
  • To capture the beauty of the landscape through art
  • To capture a specific scene using an array of artistic materials guided and inspired by a professional artist
  • To produce an artistic display for an exhibition
  • To learn the skills needed to produce outstanding artwork
  • To be aware of the various work opportunities that the countryside has to offer

Pre-visit to school

  • Explain the aims and objectives of the visit and go through the itinerary of the day
  • Discussions around young people’s perceptions of countryside and art
  • A discussion about David Hockney
  • Talk about safety, rules and behaviours to ensure the day is safe and enjoyable
  • Tell the children what to think about during the visit and answer any questions

The Visit

  • A visit to the village of Warter (Hockney country) led by professional artist to explore the area which inspired the famous artworks of David Hockney, one of Yorkshire’s most famous artists
  • Workshop in a beautiful converted church about the tourism, national heritage and history of Water
  • Coach trip into the countryside with a walk along a valley
  • Time spent sketching the landscape with various artistic materials
  • Back to the church to produce individual interpretations of the countryside with crayons, water colours, oils and chalk
  • After group discussions and support from the artist, production of individual final pieces of art for exhibition

Post-visit to school

To review and reflect on the learning experience and chat about the countryside and the differences in lifestyle. Review of the artwork produced, with links to City of Culture and the role of art in culture.

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