C4DI Experience

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This is a valuable experience for two children from each school who have an interest in tech/coding/3D printing and computers. It doesn’t matter if they are girls or boys or what their academic ability is just as long as they have an interest in computers and tech. What we are not looking for is children who just enjoying playing video games! This is a really amazing opportunity to show children that there are jobs in tech in Hull and that if they are creative and interested in computers there are careers that they can think about in the future.

The Aim

  • To develop knowledge of the role of creativity and technology in future careers
  • To learn about the job roles at C4Di
  • To raise children’s aspirations and interest in STEM careers
  • To learn about creative technology


  • Introductory game and meet C4Di staff
  • Tour of the building
  • Learn about digital data emotions
  • Experience kids code club
  • Learn about 3d printers and Pixelbot robots
  • Meet Labelworx and use the DJ sets
  • Experience the view from the balcony and take part in a problem solving/creativity task to try to win a prize!
  • Closing and certificates