Benefits for Business

HEY Children’s University simply wouldn’t be here without the support of our partner businesses. We rely on sponsorship from businesses to keep us sustainable and allow us to reach even more children.

We are committed to building strong relationships with our partners and we design creative and engaging partnerships so that your company gets the very best out of working with HEY Children’s University.
And the best thing about becoming a partner of HEY Children’s University? You and your staff get to come along on our experiences and see for yourself the impact you have made!
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We are hugely proud to be a Platinum sponsor of HEY Children’s University.It is massively rewarding for our colleagues to have the opportunity to spend some time away from their usual day jobs and do something a bit different. The engagement & wellbeing levels amongst the colleagues that have volunteered to spend some time with the children from HCU have risen noticeably. Our involvement with HCU has enriched our business, resulting in a happier more contented colleagues.
Sarah Napier, Northern Gas Networks

Why not visit our current partners’ page to find out which companies are already helping HEY Children’s University make a difference. Click here to find out more.