BBC Experience

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  • To understand how the BBC operates radio and TV stations in Hull
  • To begin to understand the many different jobs required to operate a TV and radio station
  • To understand the recruitment process, qualifications and experience needed to work in TV and radio
  • To understand journalism and its role in TV and radio
  • To familiarise children with how news bulletins are put together for both radio and TV
  • To develop children’s reporting, interviewing and presentation skills by producing an item for both TV and radio
  • To learn how technology, IT equipment and software are transforming TV and radio and their role in delivering the news
  • To build children’s confidence by encouraging them to speak with a microphone or to a camera

Pre-visit to school

  • Explain the aims and objectives of the visit and go through the itinerary of the day
  • Discussions around young people’s perceptions of radio and TV
  • Discussion around the role of the media and reporting news
  • Talk about safety, rules and behaviours to ensure the day is safe and enjoyable
  • Tell the children what to think about during the visit and answer any questions

The Visit

  • A visit to the BBC studios in Hull to learn about employment opportunities in TV and radio including case studies of different careers of individual staff within the studio
  • Meet the BBC TV and radio staff teams including famous faces they have seen on the TV and heard on the radio
  • Research a local news topic for use in an afternoon workshop
  • Practical workshops learning about the different equipment involved
  • Working with a professional TV or radio presenter, in groups, recording a news piece for TV and radio with music, voice over, film clips, sound effects and interviews
  • All groups evaluating each production with peer discussions and suggestions for improvement

Post-visit to school

To review and reflect on the learning experience and chat about the different job roles and skills and qualifications needed. Further discussion about how education links to employment