Ambassadors of Hull

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  • To become familiar with Hull city centre and its many historical locations.
  • To learn about the role of an ambassador and what the term means.
  • To be able to name historic and current ambassadors of Hull and explain why they are important to our history.
  • To build children’s enthusiasm in the City of Hull so they feel ownership for their city.
  • To encourage children to continue to research the history of their city and have a desire to contribute to its future.
  • To feel a sense of pride about the city that they live in.

The Visit

  • Morning workshop at the KCOM Learning Zone with group discussions about Hull’s history, future plans and developments, famous landmarks and people who have influenced the city’s development over the centuries.
  • Field research (supervised and supported), going out into the city centre with questionnaires, asking people’s views of the city and why Hull is important as a city and as a Port.
  • Further workshops compiling the information from the surveys and feeding back to the whole group.
  • Treasure hunt—further fieldwork following the ‘Ambassador Trail’.
  • Final group discussions about Hull’s heritage and history and City of Culture.