A visit from a real life Ambassador of Hull!

On Monday 10th April, some young people from our CIC Programme took part in our Ambassadors of Hull Experience. But this wasn’t a regular Ambassadors of Hull, this time one of the Ambassadors the children learn about actually appeared!

Michelle Dewberry, business woman and winner of the BBC’s The Apprentice, is extremely proud to come from Hull and agreed to surprise the children when she heard that she had been named as one of the City’s Ambassadors.

On the Ambassadors of Hull Experience, the children learn about famous figures from Hull’s past and present. On a list of famous Hull ambassadors on the wall, Michelle comes in at number eight, beneath the likes of Amy Johnson and William Wilberforce.

Some of the youngsters in the CIC Programme haven’t had the easiest of starts in life and their stories are ones Michelle, who suffered domestic violence growing up, can identify with.

“I really wanted to do this because I understand what these kids have gone through and what challenges they have had to face. I can relate to their stories,” she says.

“I feel very, very strongly about trying to help people, particularly young people who are struggling through adversity.

“Hopefully they’ll look at me and see someone who has come from the same place as they have; has struggled with adversity but has managed to get through it.

“I want them to know that biography doesn’t equal destiny,” she says.

“If you look around the kids in the room there’s so much talent in there. They’re all as bright as a button, it’s just about letting them know they can aspire to be whatever they want to be.

“We should have an event where as many successful people from Hull could be brought onto the stage as possible to talk about their journeys and to inspire kids that they can do something with their lives.”

Michelle is a shining example of someone who has “done something with her life” and she really inspired the children in our CIC Programme:

“I thought Michelle’s story was really inspirational. It’s touching and teaches you life lessons like you should ignore bullies and set goals in life for yourself and you can achieve them,” one of our children commented.

We would like to thank Michelle for taking the time to visit our children and for helping us raise their aspirations for the future. Truly an Ambassador of our City!

The Hull 2017 School Reporters take over the BBC!

Hull Children’s University has teamed up with the Hull 2017 team and The BBC to offer the opportunity for talented young people to become the Hull 2017 official BBC School Reporters. A school is selected for each season and the school nominates 1o of it’s pupils to take part.

Pupils from Stepney Primary School were chosen to cover Season 1, “Made in Hull” and started their work (literally) with a bang as they covered the Hull 2017 opening fireworks display.

Next, they had the honour of being the first people to walk into the newly refurbished Ferens Art Gallery when it reopened and even interviewed the Lord Mayor!

The School Reporters have also covered the launch of the Lines of Thought exhibition at the University of Hull and the arrival of The Blade in Queen Victoria Square.

A special thanks goes to Kofi Smiles and Kate Childs from the BBC who have worked closely with our School Reporters every step of the way.

Over the past 3 months the School Reporters have shown a huge progress, including increased confidence, speaking and listening skills and teamwork.

To round off their Season, the children were given the opportunity to put together their very own BBC Look North programme to put together everything that they have learnt during their time as School Reporters. Each of the children took on a different role including news anchors, reporters, sound and lighting, camerawork and weather reporting. I’m sure you will agree that they did an amazing job! Check out their Look North Programme Below!


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